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To Let Opportunity In

Neora combines current shopping and work trends with our unique position in the growing skincare and wellness markets to offer unprecedented opportunity. Our wholly singular business model was developed to allow you to reap the benefits of our incomparable experience and insight. Once you get started, nothing can stand in the way of your potential.

Imagine your Dreams Having Perfect Timing

Why follow your dreams when you can lead them? Our economy is in the midst of a major paradigm shift involving the way people work. With each passing day, more individuals are taking charge of their financial future by acting on opportunities to supplement their income or start a new career.

The direct-sales model offers a wide array of benefits for those interested in generating additional income by working for themselves: a broad customer base, repeat business, personal development and the potential to earn residual income. With the Neora Brand Partner experience, we make it easy for you to start your own business or side gig and create a better lifestyle than you ever thought possible.

“This is the YouEconomy, a movement in which people are determining their own earning potential by leveraging new tools and societal trends to supplement their income or start a brand-new career. 47 million people are projected to join the YouEconomy in the next five years.”

“Traditional jobs are not as sought-after or desirable as they once were, especially by younger workers who want more flexibility and quality of life. Workers of all types are turning to gig platforms as a preferred alternative to the thirty-years-and-out ideal of the previous generation.”

“We are seeing more people look for ways to generate additional income. As global trends such as the gig economy amplify this desire, prospective entrepreneurs are engaging in direct selling as a way to start businesses and capitalize on trends that have changed the way people consume products.”

Imagine Having What Everyone Wants

In parallel with an altering workplace structure, the shopping experience is undergoing major transformation as well. E-commerce has been fully embraced at this point, offering a level of anytime, anywhere convenience and pricing flexibilities unmatched by brick-and-mortar storefronts. In this modern model, personal recommendations have replaced traditional advertising — 80% of purchases are influenced by word-of-mouth. A personal recommendation can be priceless.
By paying close attention to market dynamics, we’ve created an entrepreneurial environment that supports ongoing growth and success, all readily accessible to you. We bring the effectiveness of e-commerce to direct sales and combine it perfectly with the power of personal relationships.

“For the first time ever, shoppers are going to the web for most of their purchases. An annual survey by comScore and UPS found 51% of shoppers now make their purchases online, compared to 48% in 2015.”

“Warren Buffett says that in 10 years the retail industry will look nothing like it does now. The department store is online now. The world has evolved, and it’s going to keep evolving, but the speed is increasing.”

Imagine Finding the Perfect Partner

We’ve redefined direct sales by combining a powerful e-commerce framework with the influence of personal relationships and a revolutionary free inventory model. Simply put, you build your business wherever you want — literally on a global scale, to whatever degree you prefer — and develop the personal connections within your network, and we take care of all the logistics. And with our revolutionary inventory replenishment program, you can earn free inventory to further grow your business.

Neora is in the right markets with the right approach and a model that’s proven to work. Your degree of involvement with this opportunity is entirely up to you; you can start small or go big. Either way, the future is now. Ready to reinvent your world?

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